Sekolah Noah

About Sekolah Noah

About Sekolah Noah

Sekolah NOAH under the auspices of Yayasan Del was established in 2007 from Playgroup, Kindergarten, and Elementary level.

Sekolah NOAH aims to prepare students with the skills and personal qualities to develop student’s academic skills, and character values, as well as prepare students to make a positive difference for the community and society in the globalization era.

The academic, affective and socio-emotional skills enable the students to achieve their full potential and boost their self-confidence, by developing their characters values, so that they can be agents of change.

As an educational institution that is sustainable, in the academic year 2016/2017, Sekolah NOAH expanded by establishing Middle school level (SMP).



To produce individuals that has a moral character, nationalism, and academic skills to contribute to the environment, to the state, and to the global society.





Being a child with strong faith (faith), pure conscience, full of wisdom (hope), and love one another regardless of religion, race, or ethnic group (love).