Sekolah Noah

Elementary School

Elementary School

Sekolah Noah Elementary school is based on the National Education System that is integrated with the best international approaches that enable students to face the challenges of this world.

Our curriculum aims to develop holistic learning, not only the students' academic ability. Students are encouraged to develop their understanding of certain concepts through theoretical and practical methods.

Students will be assessed comprehensively through continual/formative assessment and Summative Assessments (Project & Final Examination). The aim of these assessments is to help the students to acquire proper understanding through concept/knowledge and their understanding/ performance. Thus, students are able to develop their skills in understanding the knowledge and  presenting their ideas clearly.

Subjects offered are Bahasa Indonesia, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Civics, Religion, Arts, ICT, Physical Education, Music, and Mandarin. Core subjects are taught bilingually, in Bahasa Indonesia and English.